Your Boundary Uncertainty

The Complexity Navigation Process

The World we are in today

Ambidextrous Leadership Behaviors

  • The leader is adapting to the changing environment nimbly, and constantly shares the vision of exploiting the business-as-usual operations and exploring new terrains for continual transformation with the team, department or organization.
  • The leader is involved in projects that are improving the current business or operations, and projects that develop innovations and transformation.

Organizational Ambidexterity — a Short Overview by Steve Blank

Understanding The Cynefin Framework

Understanding People as a Key Leadership Behavior

  • The leader demonstrates active listening and empathy when interacting with others, and is able to reiterate the needs and wants of others.
  • The leader attempts to identify the personal values of others and help them align those values to the organization’s values.

The Art of Active Listening, Empathically

Distributed Leadership for the new Era

  • For task accomplishment, the leader delegates the decision-making power to their team members to respond accordingly, and empowers them to act as they deemed suitable for the development of the team, department or organization.
  • The leader is knowledgeable in exploring with the team members on identifying the contexts they are operating in and facilitates team’s responses relevant to…

Leadership Behaviors for the Adaptive Space

  • The leader provides people from all levels with the opportunity to scan the environment, ideate, prototype and present their ideas or solutions.
  • The leader provides a safe environment for people to fail.

Activating the Adaptive Space

Continuous Learner Leadership Behaviors

  • The leader is continuously honing the soft skill, hard skills and digital skills, staying up-to-date of the social, technological, economics, environmental and political contexts.
  • The leader promotes continuous learning as a culture throughout the team, department or organization.

Urgency / Importance Matrix

Transformational Behaviors

  • The leader genuinely describes the situations transparently, and is able to paint and articulate a vivid and purposeful vision to the team, department or organization.
  • The leader uses visual format…

  • The leader maintains humility in the pursuit of their goals or visions, and receives feedback and inputs from others.
  • The leader is determined and finds joy in the journey of pursuing the goals, and at the same time, stays focused on the destination, fine-tuning the vision as needed.

Humility in your Goal Pursuit

Stubborn is NOT Tenacious

Allan Cheng

OD Lead, People and Culture

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